Further information from the artist:

To disguise an obtrusive air-conditioning unit in my Vermont home I designed a work of art to cover it. When the air-conditioner is not in use, visitors instead see a pleasing bas-relief sculpture in plaster and wood.

Although the AC cover is much smaller in scale than the public sculpture projects I usually undertake, the same conceptual criteria apply (see the Public Art section of this website). My task is visually translating icons and symbols that have historical, utilitarian, or personal significance for a given environment into site-specific artwork. And since in this case the site was my own habitat, the by-products of my cookie habit became the design solution.

I made plaster casts from plastic cookie containers, and then mounted them in an abstract pattern on a wooden box. This unique cover rests on a frame around the air-conditioner, which now no longer disrupts the esthetic unity of the room. The cover has drawn praise from clients, friends, and colleagues.

As a consequence, I have begun accepting orders for the pre-existing cookie pattern cover - and commissions to create similar covers that harmonize with a client's space, architectural style, and sense of place. I can design decorative covers for wall vents, concrete footings, tangles of computer cords, and a host of utility areas. Covers are just one idea for creating art that transforms the ordinary within the spaces we live and work. I have many ideas for site-specific art that will individualize and enhance homes, gardens, and businesses.

Contact me for further information: lfry@lesliefry.com