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April 16, 2015
Spring at last

Thrilled by the delivery of 4 yards of dark mulch that’s been aged for 3 years. Over the winter I’ve been ordering all kinds of plants for the new sculpture garden — can’t wait to start planting! I am reminded that whenever I think sculpture is slow, building a garden is even slower. It will take a […]

April 11, 2015
Back from the city

Drove the truck to the Lower East Side to take down my sculpture installation, What’s Wrong with the World? at Central Booking. Left at the crack of dawn, speeding ticket, horrendous traffic and construction on the east side, glad to have a day to look at art before the drive back in an April snowstorm. Had an abbreviated […]

April 4, 2015
Clean studio, ready to go

For my first blog entry, it seems good timing to start with photographs of my newly renovated studio, ready for action. I intend to record upcoming “actions” once a week. I’ve lived at this property in Winooski, Vermont for 24 years. Here is a brief tour of my studio spaces, all nice and clean at the moment. Below […]