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May 17, 2016
Leslie Fry. Detail of Totter and Family Tree sculptures.
Supports supporting each other

Happily reporting the completion of three sizable sculptures and three smaller ones (see photos below). Aside from feeling the satisfaction of COMPLETION, they evoke in me a smile – rather than my usual critical analysis of where to go next, and how to do better. The joined components of Family Tree, Totter, and Kick are cast […]

July 15, 2015
Leslie Fry. Working on the Art Deco entrance of the Springfield Cinema in 2011.
Money-making and art-making

How do artists make money, if not from selling their work? Some like a clean line between the making of art and money. I knew an artist who specialized in fancy equine grooming, traveling to horse shows for half the year. After, she could totally let loose in the studio. For a while (a mere […]