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June 20, 2016
The hills are alive with drapery

My new works on paper and wood depict buildings and landscapes that are alive with transformation. A landscape’s furrowed hills become drapery. Houses lift and float into other worlds of consciousness. Faces blossom from intertwined flowers. Architecture and drapery merge. Created in May during a residency at Marble House Project in Dorset, Vermont, these small […]

June 20, 2015
Leslie Fry. Arranging my exhibit in the new studio.
Party prep!

Too busy getting ready for the sculpture garden and open studio party (tomorrow! open to the public!) to write anything of substance. For now, here is a very short video of me setting up the botanically inspired art inside the studio AND a sweet post on the Vermont Art Council’s blog about the sculpture garden.  

April 4, 2015
Clean studio, ready to go

For my first blog entry, it seems good timing to start with photographs of my newly renovated studio, ready for action. I intend to record upcoming “actions” once a week. I’ve lived at this property in Winooski, Vermont for 24 years. Here is a brief tour of my studio spaces, all nice and clean at the moment. Below […]