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Supports supporting each other

Leslie Fry. Detail of Totter and Family Tree sculptures.
Detail view of Totter and Family Tree

Happily reporting the completion of three sizable sculptures and three smaller ones (see photos below). Aside from feeling the satisfaction of COMPLETION, they evoke in me a smile – rather than my usual critical analysis of where to go next, and how to do better.

The joined components of Family Tree, Totter, and Kick are cast from three different table legs with corresponding shoes of a man, woman, and child. In Family Tree, the “legs” hold each other up to a height just under eleven feet. The new sculptures are a continuation of my 2014 series, Supports: architectural supports crossed with the human form, which explore feelings of spirit, endurance, bearing the weight of responsibility, holding together and falling apart.

The photos below show the processes of making the forms and rubber molds, casting the pieces in resin, working the surfaces, and assembling the “legs.” The finished sculptures were photographed by Lindsay Raymondjack. We got especially excited taking detail shots; I love seeing the positive/negative shapes between Totter and Family Tree.

Gratifying to have new growth during this Vermont spring.