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The hills are alive with drapery

Draped Landscape

My new works on paper and wood depict buildings and landscapes that are alive with transformation. A landscape’s furrowed hills become drapery. Houses lift and float into other worlds of consciousness. Faces blossom from intertwined flowers. Architecture and drapery merge.

Created in May during a residency at Marble House Project in Dorset, Vermont, these small pieces are painted with gouache and acrylic. Many have collage elements taken from some of my favorite paintings, such as a detail of Simone Martini’s Palazzo Pubblico fresco in Siena. My best-known work has been sculpture, and this return to two-dimensions is liberating. I love the freedom of painting visions that can fly and slip into transparency, defying what any of my large sculptures could ever “do.”

A selection is now in the Works on Paper section of my website, in the sub-sections On Wood, and Drapery & Architecture. Below are a few examples, along with some photos of Marble House.

During the residency, events are open to the public on Tuesday nights, and each participant presents their work. Click here to see the 25-minute video of Céline Lastennet, Sumru Tekin, and myself presenting brief slide talks followed by open studios. You may move the bar on the slider to 14:00 to hear only my 10-minute talk about the contrast between making large sculpture and small works on paper, or move the slider to 21:00 if you’d like to hear 3 minutes that are specifically about this new work.

Artist residencies are heaven on earth! When else can you remove yourself from the demands of everyday life and simply focus on creating new work in a special time and place? For the 3 weeks at Marble House Project, we were: 4 visual artists, 2 writers, 1 choreographer, and 1 composer (see the May roster of bios here). We slept and cooked in the historic marble building featuring elegant spaces for relaxing/thinking/conversing, and worked in studios scattered around the vast property that includes a formal garden, an old marble quarry, and an enormous barn for events – see more here.

Many thanks to Danielle Epstein and Dina Shapiro for creating Marble House Project, and to Sarah Walko and staff for their invaluable assistance, and to my fellow artists who made the experience unique – our last night we cooked up snacks and then cleaned the kitchen laughing and dancing to Stevie Wonder . . .