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Watch my works on paper come to life — each animation is less than 30 seconds



Foolish Ship

Hands On

2019 studio video interview by The Avenue Concept

Watch (below) Leslie Fry’s 2018 Pecha Kucha talk about Apollonian order versus Dionysian clutter, Iris Murdoch, Francis Bacon, her mother, mimeograph machines, and more: Creative Hoarding

See below, the 30-second animation with ceramic sculptures created in July 2015, Black-Eyed Susan

Watch Leslie Fry invite the Fleming Museum audience at Pecha Kucha 2015 to her Sculpture Garden Party.

Watch Leslie Fry on her installation “What’s Wrong with the World?” at Pecha Kucha BTV 2013.

Two performative videos in collaboration with birds: BirdHead and Drawing Birds

A 2 minute video showing the process of making the public sculpture, Nest Builder.

A 1 minute video, Lists and Dreams: Artwork about daily life created for opposite facing walls in the artist’s home. The two-part sculpture is made out of to-do lists, lottery tickets, and written-down dreams. We try to give shape to our lives, which are often opposing elements of what we have to do (our lists) and what we dream of. In this sculpture, the two become one.

A 1 minute video of the installation 99 1/2 Won’t Do

Watch Pomerleau Park sculptures change over the four seasons in 2 minutes.

A 6 minute video of the public project Wild Life Sculpture Search

A 4 minute performance video, Uniting States, by Isabel Czervenka-Wenkstetten and Leslie Fry, from the exhibition, Steps to Hope, at Windspiel Galerie, Vienna, and Studio 620, St. Petersburg, Florida in 2009.